About the Company

Our dependence on cyberspace has made us vulnerable to hacking, data breach, attacks, bullying, theft, espionage, and other forms of cyber threats. This gave birth to Information Technology Security Distribution, Inc. (ITSDI). Having over 90 years of combined experience in Information and Communications Technology Industry (ICT), ITSDI provides some of the best cybersecurity solutions in the country.

ITSDI is committed to meeting the demands of the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape by offering a holistic approach to cyber security. ITSDI helps enables organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats and threat actors, and comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

ITSDI follows a five-pillar framework that aims to simplify and answer everyone’s cybersecurity needs, namely:


To enable all Filipinos to take advantage of cyberspace to reach their full potential and achieve the aspirations of their organization, family, and country.


To ensure freedom and safety of cyberspace by strengthening our customer’s cyber security posture, taking into consideration people, process and technology.

Core Values

To provide the best customer experience we believe in professionalism, teamwork, a winning attitude and building relationships based on mutual trust and confidence.